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Life Changing on BBC Radio 4

‘Dr Sian Williams is the new presenter of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Life Changing’

Hello, I’m Dr Sian Williams. I’m a journalist who’s worked in news for 35 years – and I’m also a psychologist currently working in the NHS – and in both jobs, I get to be with people at a point in their lives when something has thrown everything up in the air. But I rarely get to find out what happens when the pieces finally settle. How do you survive when the extraordinary, crashes into your ordinary life? What happens to your view of yourself, other people and the world? That’s what makes Life Changing unpredictable and exciting and I think you’ll be astonished by some of these stories.   

They include a young man who believes he’s living through an apocalypse, another who endures an almost-fatal stabbing, on a bus on his way to a night out with his mates and a woman whose adoption reveals a painful and shameful secret.

Life Changing makes you question how YOU might have coped, faced with the same challenges. It’s surprising, uplifting, sometimes bizarre but it’ll always make you think. You can join us by subscribing to the Life Changing podcast on BBC Sounds and do contact us with your own stories on: