Hello and thanks for popping by. I’m Sian, an HCPC-registered Counselling Psychologist, primarily working in the NHS, helping people manage acute anxiety, stress and trauma. 

I’m also a broadcaster, having spent 35 years in TV and radio, across BBC and ITN. 

I anchored BBC Breakfast for 11 years and presented shows like Saturday Live, Sunday Morning Live and Crimewatch. At ITV, I hosted six prime-time series of Save Money, Good Health and was also the main anchor at Channel 5 News for 6 years.

I currently present the Radio 4 series, Life Changing which hears from people who’ve encountered extraordinary obstacles in life and come out stronger and more resilient. The podcast has more than SIX million downloads, with one newspaper review describing it as “utterly compelling”.

My book, Rise: Surviving and Thriving after Trauma, is a personal story of how we can rebuild after a traumatic event shatters our life. It’s illustrated by experiences (including mine) and backed up by science. I’ve also made three Radio 4 series on the mind and the brain: The Thought Chamber, How to Have a Better Brain (described by The Psychologist magazine as “touching and illuminating, a great listen”) and The Science of Resilience.

In the past year, I’ve delivered resilience and trauma-informed workshops to broadcast and print media (including The Guardian, BBC Studios, ITN and Sky) and worked with individual journalists and presenters. I’ve also chaired discussions for The British Psychological Society and Google. 

For more details on my work in psychology, please visit the Psychology section of this website.

To read more about my broadcasting career, please go to the Broadcaster page.

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