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Three short videos on how journalists can protect their mental health, published Feb 2023


Oxford Literary Festival and the ‘and finally..’

I do love audience questions. They get to the nub of things. They make you think. And some really seem to come from left-field. I was in the Corpus Christi lecture hall this morning, to talk to readers of…

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Rise paperback hits the shelves

The paperback edition of my first book, Rise: Surviving and Thriving After Trauma, has been available to buy since 29 December 2016. As explained in my earlier post, Rise is a first-aid kit for getting through tough times. In…

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Rise paperback available soon

The paperback edition of my first book, Rise: Surviving and Thriving After Trauma, will be available in the shops and online from 29 December 2016. You can pre-order it from Amazon now for only £8.99. Rise is a first-aid…

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How Rise can help nurses, in a nurse’s words

Back in August, I was thrilled to see that ‘Rise, Surviving and Thriving after Trauma’ had been given a five-star review in the Royal College of Nursing’s journal, the Nursing Standard. Thrilled because they said such lovely things about…

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Sermon at The School of Life

There’s a funny thing about being a television presenter – people think that you can talk in front of anyone, anytime, however big the gathering. And the thing is, when you are presenting, news-reading, or even ad-libbing, you are…

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Rise – the book launch

I dithered a lot about publishing Rise. At least, dithered about showing you the inner workings of my emotional chaos as I struggled with the impact of breast cancer. The diaries on which the book is based are so…