Two new podcasts on life, hope and happiness after trauma

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There are two new podcasts out this month!

‘John Crowley and Hannah Storm speak with Dr Sian Williams, best known for her career as a journalist and news presenter, who has recently passed her doctorate in Counselling Psychology.

‘Speaking with extraordinary humanity and candour, Dr Sian explains what resilience has meant to her personally, how empathy lies at the heart of journalism and how in order for journalism to thrive, we need to get better at supporting journalists.’

And – a podcast on recovery, resilience, and wisdom with Sir Craig Oliver. The last in the series of Desperately Seeking Wisdom.

‘As a reporter, producer and anchor of some of the most watched television news programmes, Dr Sian Williams has been an eyewitness to some horrific events.

Like many of us, she often used to wonder how to deal with such trauma.

But Sian took things one step further.

She re-trained as a psychologist, so she could help people emerge from their worst moments to grow in wisdom and happiness’.

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