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A new title and a new show for Dr Sian Williams

Viewers of 5 News will see a bigger and bolder-look show from Monday 8 November, which will include a regular segment on mental health and wellbeing hosted by Dr Sian Williams.

Having recently passed her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, newly qualified Sian will front the hour-long show alongside presenter Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije from 5pm to 6pm on Channel 5.

Sian’s mental health segment, Mind Matters with Dr Sian, will focus on telling positive stories from across the country by speaking to guests and viewers.

Sian first began her mental health training 15 years ago and has spent the past three years during her doctoral training delivering psychological therapy to families, couples and individuals, in charity and NHS settings.

Viewers of the relaunched show will also be able to send comments to Sian and Claudia-Liza during the broadcast through a dedicated WhatsApp number.

The next generation of 5 News

Sian said the new show “will allow us to delve deeper into stories that matter to our viewers – including one of the biggest issues of our time – our mental well-being.”

“I’m passionate about good mental health and I’m really looking forward to exploring how what goes on in the world, impacts our viewers’ lives,” she continued.

“They have trust and confidence in us to tell their stories and I hope they will embrace and maybe have some fun with us too, as we begin the next generation of 5 News.”

Sian has hosted 5 News since 2016 and has been a broadcast journalist for the past 35 years.

Her past roles include being a newsreader at BBC, and presenting BBC Breakfast, which she anchored for 11 years.

Sian Williams and Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije

Sian recently told Radio Times magazine how she combines her two professions.

“The two roles are very different, but in both jobs we’re helping people tell their stories,” she said.

“I don’t want to diminish the TV work at all, but I can’t overestimate what a privilege it is to be invited into somebody’s life as a psychologist and for them to feel safe.” 

Read more about Sian’s psychology career, and her book Rise: A first-aid kit for getting through tough times.