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Sian talks resilience and recovery with Action For Happiness

Sian spoke to a global audience of thousands of people about resilience and recovery from trauma on 11 May 2021.

“The heart of recovery is accepting where you are and bringing some compassion to where you are… being your best friend,” said Sian.

Action for Happiness is a movement of people committed to building a happier and more caring society.

What people said after the session:

“Wow that was wonderful Sian, thanks SO much again for a brilliant event. You shared such a perfect combination of inspiring personal stories, latest science, practical exercises, wisdom and helpful tips! And I’m happy to report that we had 2,574 concurrent attendees live on the session, which is a fantastic turnout.” Dr Mark Williamson, co-founder and director of Action for Happiness.

From attendees:

“Thank you Sian for your wonderful vulnerability and wisdom. You have provided so much good advice. It has been a treat to be here with you.”

“Gosh this is such an amazing session and what incredible people you all are.”

“This hour has done me the world of good. Already purchased your book Sian.”

“I really love THRIVE and the 54321 – I loved it all.”

“You have such wisdom Sian and your voice itself is so soothing. You are a healer by communication. Thank you for a wonderful presentation.”

“Stop, soothe, allow – I love that Sian. What a truly gorgeous session.”

“What a wonderful evening. Mark and Sian you are truly lovely people. No egos, just compassion and love.”

“Thank you. I needed this.”