Do you have a story for #MindMatters?

Mind Matters

Have you been affected by poor mental health? Could sharing your experience help or inspire others?

Dr Sian is looking for pressing issues or inspirational stories to feature on her new mental heath slot on Channel 5 News, Mind Matters.

So far on the weekly segment, Dr Sian has tackled subjects including grief, menopause and living with a disability.

One of her first interviews was with Paul Sinha – known to fans of quiz show The Chase as Sinnerman – who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2019.

Joining Dr Sian in the Channel 5 studio, he told her about how the disease had encouraged him to embrace a “seize the day mentality”.

“It gives you a clarity of what can be achieved, and what can’t be achieved,” Paul said.

“Before the diagnosis I was trundling along. Now there’s a sense of urgency to just get things done.”

Dr Sian talks to The Chase’s Sinnerman

As her first guest on the show, Dr Sian interviewed young musician Ruby Walvin, who was diagnosed with blood cancer during her first year of university aged just 19.

The charity Leukaemia Care helped Ruby receive counselling during her treatment.

Ruby told Dr Sian it was helpful to have: “A professional to sit there and listen, that isn’t your parents or your friends, where you feel like you might be putting a bit of a heavy weight on them to tell them exactly how you’re feeling.”

If you have a story to share, get in touch with Dr Sian through the Twitter pages @5_News or @channel5_tv.

Dr Sian has survived breast cancer herself, an experience she has recorded in her book Rise: A first aid-kit for getting through tough times.

With this life learning behind her, and as a qualified doctor of psychology, Dr Sian could relate to Ruby’s experiences.

She told Ruby: “Those feelings… are completely normal. To feel those feelings of guilt and, was it me? And, did I bring it on myself?

“And what you’re feeling about your family as well – not wanting to worry them.”

Dr Sian interviews musician Ruby Walvin

You can watch Mind Matters every Wednesday to hear more important stories about mental health.

And you can catch up with any you have missed via the Channel 5 News YouTube page using the hashtag #MindMatters. Or comment on the show on Twitter using the same hashtag #MindMatters.